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This is our history rich in traditions for nourishing our nation. Traditions began in 2001 as a response to a Valley’s Senior Services Meals on Wheels client need to provide nutritious meals on weekends to elderly in need. The company started as a simple operation with a few dedicated employees preparing frozen meals for the elderly.  Ultimately, Traditions grew to a team of caring individuals packaging over 300,000 meals per week in an 180,000 square foot plant that is USDA-inspected.  Today, Traditions is a national leader in providing frozen meals and shelf stable meals to multiple markets beyond seniors in a state-of-the-art facility.


Providing the elderly great tasting nutritious meals is the first passion for Traditions, but we soon realized that other customer segments could benefit from our meals. Consequently, Traditions expanded to package meals for insurance companies as patient discharge meals, nursing homes, retirement communities, hospital late trays and corrections facilities.


Traditions also wanted our customers to receive adequate nutrition during an emergency situation so we created our line of shelf stable meals. These shelf stable meals deliver the same nutrition standards as our frozen meals. Rest assured that you can be prepared for an emergency with our shelf stable meals.  


We are proud to be able to provide a valuable service throughout the country.  Knowing that nutritious meals can always be available to everyone through our frozen or shelf stable meals is truly a passion that inspires our devoted team to package every meal with care.  Our team of registered dietitians and chefs have created over 65 delicious meals for your selection.  Every meal meets 1/3 DRI (Dietary Reference Intake) for most nutrients.


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