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Care Transition Meals

Nearly one in five Medicare patients discharged from a hospital is readmitted within 30 days at a cost of over $26 billion a year. Proper nourishment is critical to prevent hospital re-admittance.  Our Care Transition Meals provide patients with the crucial nourishment after a discharge. 


The Care Transitions Meals of Traditions meet specific dietary needs and guidelines ensuring less healthcare costs and improved quality of care for these transitioning patients.  Traditions' meals are not only nutritionally sound, but are easy-to-prepare and full of flavor making them an optimal choice for patients transitioning from a hospital setting to their home.  


If you are a care transition provider seeking to ease the burden of providing the necessary patient discharge meals, then contact us to learn how we can make this a turn-key process for you.  We customize our options to your needs pertaining to menus, packaging and labeling as well as shipping options.


For a large quantity of one specific meal, our Bulk Meal Packages are the right choice for you.  If you desire meals complete with entrée, vegetable, starch, bread, dessert and milk or juice, then select one of the Traditions Variety Meal Packages


Providing our nutritious Care Transition Meals can be a best practice to prevent hospital re-admittance.