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Variety Meal Packages

Flavor, nutrition, variety and convenience are synonymous with Traditions meals.  Every meal in a variety package is a complete, nutritious meal full of flavor. Packages include your meal as well as a dessert, bread and milk or juice which complement each meal.  Be assured that these meals meet 1/3 DRI. A complete nutritional analysis, ingredient listing and photo is available on-line for each Traditions meal. 


Our Variety Meal Packages are packed in a 2-Meal, 5-Meal, 7-Meal or 10-Meal option.  All meals are frozen and individually sealed in a convenient tray, and labeled with meal components, production date plus heating instructions for microwave and a conventional oven. 


Variety meal packages can be ordered with or without milk.  if you would like to include your milk with each package, then please use the Menu Code Without Milk.  For your convenience, the nutritional content of milk is included in the meals "without milk".


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For additional information for any meal, simply roll over the meal and click the photo.
For meal specifications such as packaging, allergens and cooking times, please select “DOWNLOAD PDF”.


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